Counselling Can Help

The road most worthy of travelling is the road to ourselves

...travelling our road...travelling our road

My name is Paul Smith, a fully qualified counsellor, with 8 years experience of counselling clients, and registered member of the B.A.C.P (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy), adhering to their code of ethics.

There are times in our lives when we all can feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. Maybe an event has shaken you and you find yourself lost and unable to deal with it. Maybe you feel suddenly unable to deal with all that life is throwing you, not knowing what exactly has caused trouble within. Maybe something happened many years before and has lain undealt with simmering seemingly dealt with and put away? Times such as this is when good friends and family can help. They will want to help, they offer solutions, they just want you to be ok again. Maybe you feel no one fully understands exactly how you are feeling and what you need, they are not you, after all.

This is where counselling can help

I offer myself to be with you through this as a fully qualified counsellor working within the framework of the person centred approach. By creating a safe, non judgemental, open, confidential place for you to open up and explore what is troubling you thereby helping you find your answers that may lye deep hidden. Finding the right counsellor for you is very important, for you to feel able to share you must feel fully understood and listened to with care compassion and understanding. I have always instinctively cared deeply about listening to people having a natural caring side towards everyone I meet, i feel strongly that counsellors cannot be made or trained, it has already to be within that person, training helps to hone the skills and develop into a professional service. But having a kind caring and open personality cannot be taught.

So as well as my professional standing, which is 8 years experience of counselling clients through many and varied issues. I offer you my self as a real and open friendly and caring person. You will not be judged, or pushed to move on, you will be heard and understood with respect and through the therapeutic relationship by working together we can help you find some place of freedom where you can understand your issues better and then feel able to find the answers best suitable for yourself to help you deal with things that are troubling you and move on.