Online Counselling

Video, an alternative for counselling

Video sessionVideo session

Online counselling is for you if your circumstances make it difficult to meet in person. In such case, methods like email or video counselling can help overcome the difficulty and provide other ways to conduct the therapy.

Video Counselling

This can be useful if meeting in person is difficult. It may be difficult for you to find the time to fit in travelling to and from a counselling session or maybe you just live too far away from me to be able to meet in person. This modern way of therapy can open up the possibilities of working together without the expense and difficulties of travelling. Finding the right counsellor is important, through this method you can find the right counsellor and not be restricted to physical area searching. video counselling means you don’t have to be able to meet them in person though It does require you to be able to find yourself a safe quiet place free from distractions and being overheard for 1 hour. The platform I use for is which is encrypted anonymous no information is stored and it is GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

Practical details

Video conference platform

I use because it was set up as a platform specifically designed for the use of client therapist meetings. It is safer than skype with regards privacy as it complies with strict HIPAA regulations. HIPAA is the “Health insurance accountability act 1996”. This is a U.S act. Even though it has no legal authority outside of the U.S, it is so highly regarded as being an aspired to standard as it governs the management security privacy and exchange of protected health data (PHI). This is something the BACP also strongly recommends.