Privacy & confidentiality

Safeguarding Your privacy is of the highest importance

Your privacy mattersYour privacy matters

Privacy and confidentiality Policy: personal information management and security, data removal

Personal information management

Safeguarding Your privacy is of the highest importance which is why I use encrypted HIPAA and GDPR compliant emails and video platforms for our communications.

At the beginning of our work together I will obtain some information from you which will include your name telephone number and/or email address. All the data I collect about you is in accordance with data protection law as laid out in the GDPR requirements 2018. I have password safety on all business devices which only I have access to.

I use Protonmail encrypted email for exchanges and appointments.

data removal

I make handwritten notes about some of our work together which will be held in a locked cabinet. This is to help me maintain my own clarity of what is brought into the work and enable me to keep fresh and up to date with the process as it continues. These notes which may also include your name and contact details will be destroyed 3 years after the end of therapy, all electronic data will be erased as soon as therapy ends.

I will never disclose any personal information to any third parties. Exceptions to this may include but are not limited to; Any Disclosure of actual or suspected child or vulnerable adult abuse. Threats perceived or actual of violence or harm to self or others. Terrorism. Money laundering. Drug trafficking.