What to expect

I believe you are the best person to know you and what your needs are

...to find you true self...to find you true self

You can expert to be listened to and understood in a caring safe empathic and non-judgemental environment. Counselling Can Help you find your true self, your true self value and what you need to live a happy and fulfilling life.

You can expect
—To be free to talk openly
—Tounderstand yourself better,
—find your solutions
—Sbecome more what you want to be in life.

My counselling can help you
—To unravel your thoughts and feelings
—To get to the roots of an issue
—To explore and grow.

The therapy can Help you find your true self, your true self value and what you need to live a happy and fulfilling life. By talking your situation through with someone who won’t judge you, who will listen with compassion, understanding and congruence. knowing you are being heard and understood in a safe and confidential environment can help support empower and free you from the burdens you may be carrying.

As a counsellor, what can I do?

Whether our bad days are becoming too frequent, or our relationship is troubling us. Whether we are unsure of who we are or where we belong. Maybe we know our situation is wrong or bad for us but don’t know how to change it, maybe we feel we know what is wrong but don’t have anyone we can talk openly to, whatever is causing us to feel unsettled talking to someone who wont judge us, will understand and support us as we talk and explore can have enormous benefits for our mental health.

I have always cared deeply about people and their wellbeing and have a profound respect for everyone I meet. I feel a strong connection with the counselling process and privileged to be with every person I see within therapy.

I will reflect back to you what I hear and experience as you talk to me, with care compassion and understanding.

How long will I need counselling for?

I believe in allowing the process to move at a natural pace so I work to an open ended timescale with my counselling. The length of it will depend on how it is feeling for you. After every few sessions I will ask how things are and whether I can do any more to help but the length of the counselling will be up to you.

I believe in your ability and potential to know this even though I understand you may not feel that at this time. I will help you to enable yourself to untangle complicated or confusing issues. I will be by your side as you walk through the process of unravelling understanding and empowering yourself to be free from burden and lead you to live a happy and more fulfilled life.